With her lithe, youthful, and petite body, eyes that flash between cruelty, lust, and steely self-control, and an aura of absolute seduction, Mistress Diana is a skilled dominatrix whose deepest pleasure is to manipulate men, transforming them into obedient toys. The essence of control and the flush of power it provides is both the source of her delight and the driving force behind her sadistic explorations, and over time she has uncovered a specialism in feminisation; a passion which grows stronger with each sissified encounter. Mistress Diana has dedicated months to the development of a special training program – one which teaches her willing slaves how to give themselves over to the feminisation process, and how to find the heights of pleasure in degradation. An adept in bondage and discipline, Mistress Diana’s artful rope skills allow her to tie up her slaves, heightening their pleasure while restraining them during their delicious torments. As they are driven to desperation, Mistress Diana will tease and punish her eager victims, tantalising each and every one of their hungry senses, ensuring they experience true helplessness and self-sacrifice as each session reaches its crescendo.


Tall, stately, and statuesque, Madame Victoria is every inch the quintessential domina – something her slaves find insatiably irresistible, and something which drives them to return to her cruel devices and sadistic imagination, over and over again. With many years of experience in controlling, directing, and training men, she possesses a wealth of secrets and skills designed to ensure the utmost in punishment, correction, and delectable discipline. Madame Victoria takes her pleasure from no shortage of aspects of her role as dominatrix, but she especially enjoys pushing an eager slave to his very limits; guaranteeing a sensation of utter submission and absolute control. Trampling, physical punishment, and heel worship can and will be used to bring about obedience, and she’ll never hold back in her verbal humiliation and imaginative use of toys to reduce her slaves to a shivering wreck, an object, a piece of furniture on which to place her drink or rest her feet. For Madame Victoria, it is only natural for a man’s existence to be considered that of a grateful and obedient servant… and nothing more. While men may be born with more physical strength, it is clear that this is merely nature’s way of showing that he was born to be broken beneath the heels of a powerful woman.

Two Mistresses. One Slave. Infinite Possibilities.

Mistress Diana and Madame Victoria combine to create a dominatrix experience far beyond the sum of its composite parts. Each wickedly cruel, endlessly creative, and highly skilled in the realm of punishment and discipline, they come together to tailor-make sessions which provide waves of sensory delight. They’ll take turns to revel in psychological and physical torment, and they’ll unlock the opportunity to experience the humiliation, the transformation, and the freedom you crave… whether you truly realise it, or not. To encounter these two powerful women together is to envelop yourself in an overwhelming dynamic; the push-and-pull of a pair of dominas whose imagination knows no bounds, and whose willingness to take you down the rabbit hole of pleasure, pain, and everything in between ensures an adventure quite unlike any other. Let yourself go in a world where all boundaries become limits to be tested, where your body and mind become mere playthings to be toyed with, and where the double goddess awaits her worship.