We only play with selected slaves who are willing to sacrifice something extra for us.

Our Double Dominatrix sessions are created based on our common perversions and fantasies, which means that each experience in our presence will be as unique as the deep darkness of our desires.

You, as our slave, are there to serve and entertain us.

We require you to tell about your fantasies and expose your kinks to us for us to take advantage of you in a way that entertains us.

Before our first session, you will get a list of our kinks, where you will indicate your interests and hard limits.


The first meeting is an employment interview so that we can see if you are able to serve as our slave. Your whole body will be inspected, and you will be tested in our areas of interest so that we can see if you are capable as our slave. We then decide if you can continue with us.

First session lasts 1.5 hours of which 30 minutes are reserved for the slave to shower as well as for calls after the session.



If we choose to keep you with us as our plaything, there will be longer and more intensive regular sessions. You should come at least once a month and serve us in ways we find exciting.

TRIBUTES for subsequent sessions:

1.5 hours (incl. 30 min aftercare) – 5000 SEK
2 hours (incl. 30 min aftercare) – 7500 SEK
3 hours (incl. 30 min aftercare) – 9500 SEK


  • Advanced sessions incur an additional fee.
  • Note that all sessions require a deposit to be confirmed.