Let go of your inhibitions. Leave your mask of masculinity at the door. Sacrifice your sense of self at the altar of feminine power, and experience the utmost in escapism that only two strong, experienced, and worshipful dominatrixes can provide. Since combining our passions, our cruel and sadistic imaginations, and our limitless resources, we’ve discovered ways of triggering, inspiring, and driving each other to new heights of possibility. Together, we are more than the sum of our parts. Together, we are invincible.

Our dual dominatrix sessions are tailored to suit your needs and our combined whims, meaning that each experience in our company will be as unique as the dark recesses of your desires. Indeed, before each session, you’ll be provided with a kink list, wherein you’ll be able to detail your interests, your wishes, and your hard limits. We’ll offer decadence and delight; Champagne, drinks, light refreshments, a cordial greeting, and a shower await you, before you’re invited to take your role as a submissive man, a slave, a plaything, and an instrument of our enjoyment. If you long to obey, desire to be feminised, or crave being put in your place as a worthless servant before two uniquely talented goddesses, show us you’re ready to explore your kinks in full.

Take a deep breath, relax, and discover the unrivaled pleasure of losing yourself beneath the heels of a woman. We will provide the key… all you have to do is unlock the door.



1 hour – 6000 SEK

1,5 hours- 8000 SEK

2 hours – 10000 SEK


  • Advance sessions may incur an additional charge.
  • Please note that all sessions require a deposit in order to be confirmed.
  • In addition to the booked time, a total of 30 minutes will be added for a shower both before and after the session, and to allow you the opportunity to land and discuss your experience.